ECE 215: Circuit Theory and Device

Instructor: Mohammad Hashmi
Teaching Assistants: Dinesh, Himani, Antara, & Deepayan

Lecture: Mon (9:30-11:00) / Thu (9:30-11:00) in C02
Tutorial: Tuesday 10:00-11:30 in LR2
Lab: Grp-I / Wed (9:00-12:00), Grp-II / Fri (9:00-12:00) in L31

Office Hour:
Tue (14:00 to 16:00)
TA Office Hour: To be Decided

Course Outline and Policy


This course intends to develop problem solving skills and understanding of circuit theory through the application of techniques and principles of electrical circuit analysis to common circuit problems. Subsequently, most common aspects such as filter realization and stability will be elaborated through frequency response analysis, feedback topologies etc. Broadly, the goals of the course are to inculcate understanding of: (a) waveforms, signals, transient, and steady-state responses of RLC circuits, (b) the ability to apply circuit analysis to AC circuits, and (c) advanced mathematical methods such as Laplace and Fourier transforms along with linear algebra and differential equations techniques for solving circuits problems.

Postconditions On the completion of this course the students will be able to:
1. analyze and synthesize simple electrical circuits.
2. find circuit response using Laplace transform.
3. understand signal superposition and Fourier Transform in the context of circuits.
4. use industry standard SPICE tools for simple circuit analysis and synthesis.
Evaluation Following components are part of the overall evaluation:
Home Assignments and Labs
Class Tests 20%
Mid-sem Exam 25%
Final Exam 25%

Home assignments are to be submitted by the due date.

Plagiarism is forbidden and will be seriously dealt with as per institute policy.

Attandance and Class Room Behavior 1. Students will be responsible for all course materials, announcements, notes etc. made during the regular class times.
2. Prompt arrival to the class is requested.
3. Smoking, drinking, and eating are prohibited in the class.
4. You need to switch off your Laptops, Phones, PDAs etc. in the class.

Lecture Schedule and Assignment Calendar

Lecture Topics Additional Reading Assignments Tutorials Labs

CTD Syllabus 

Assignment-I for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 17.08.2016]

Assignment-I for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 19.08.2016]
  • Second-Order Circuits (contd), General Second Order Circuits(Lect_5-slide)

Assignment-II for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 24.08.2016]

Assignment-II for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 26.08.2016]
Tute-I [Gr-II: 24.08.2016, Gr-I: 26.08.2016]
  • Sinusoids, Phasors, Phasor Relationship for Circuit Elements, Kirchoff's Laws in the Frequency Domain, Phase Shifters, AC Bridges(Lect_6-slide)

Assignment-III for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 31.08.2016]

Assignment-III for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 02.09.2016]
Tute-II [Gr-II: 31.08.2016, Gr-I: 02.09.2016]
  • Kirchoff's Laws in the Frequency Domain, Phase Shifters, AC Bridges(Lect_7-slide)

  • AC Circuits: Steady State Analysis (Analysis Steps, Nodal and Mesh Analysis, Superposition Theorem, Source Transformation, Thevenin and Norton Theorem)(Lect_8-slide)

Assignment-IV for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 07.09.2016]

Assignment-IV for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 09.09.2016]

Assignment-V for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 14.09.2016]

Assignment-V for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 16.09.2016]
  • Magnetically Coupled Circuits (Mutual Inductance)(Lect_11-slide)

  • Magnetically Coupled Circuits (Energy in Coupled Circuits)(Lect_12-slide)

           EXAM WEEK

No Lab This Week Lab Mid-Sem Exam: 30th Sept 2016
           Class Test
Assignment-VI for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 05.10.2016]

Assignment-VI for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 07.10.2016]
           Mid Recess

No Lab This Week. Instead there will be a class on Friday (21.10.2016)
  • Class Test (24th October)
  • Intro to Laplace Transforms, Properties of Laplace Transforms(Lect_18-slide)

Common HA#7 for both Groups(26.10.2016)
  • Inverse Laplace Transforms, Convolution Integral, Circuit Elment Models and Analysis(Lect_19-slide)

  • Transfer Functions, Transfer Functions, State Variables, Network Stability (Lect_20-slide)

Assignment-VIII for Grp-I [Demo on Wed, 02.11.2016]

Assignment-VIII for Grp-II [Demo on Fri, 04.11.2016]
  • The Fourier Series, Symmetry, Filters, Circuit Analysis Using Fourier Transforms(Lect_21-slide)

  • Two-port Networks, Impedance/Admittance/Hybrid/Transmssion Prameters (Lect_22-slide)

No Labs

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  1. Search for the answer yourself. In most cases the answer is available on this page or on assignment handouts
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  3. Ask your TA in discussion sessions, or in tutorial
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