My general research interests are in the fields of software engineering, program analysis, and mining source code and bug repositories for program comprehension and defect analysis. In particular, I am interested in developing tools and techniques based on program analyses and repository mining that help programmers understand and build dependable software.

A part of my research focuses on developing techniques to ensure that programs demonstrate intended behavior. More specifically, it is about analyzing programs to ensure that they fail less frequently and if they do, they do it gracefully by reporting the error and possibly also performing the error diagnosis and recovery. The techniques that I develop include static and dynamic program analysis as well as program transformation techniques. In addition to safety properties, I am interested in analyzing programs for security properties, performance, and timing properties.

The other part of my research focuses on program comprehension, defect analysis and code search. We are trying to exploit the knowledge sources available in various forms including source code and bug repositories to improve our understanding of code and defects. This work combines program analysis with mining and information retrieval techniques.

In case you are looking for a PhD position and are interested in any of my research areas, please contact me by sending an email and your CV.

PhD Students

  • Dhriti Khanna (Co-adviser: Dr. Subosh Sharma (IIT-Delhi)) [TCS Fellow]
  • Ridhi Jain [Visveswariya Fellow]
  • Devika Sondhi [Prime Minister's Fellow (Partner Company: Microsoft Research, India. Mentor: Dr. Kapil Vaswani)
  • Nikita Mehrotra [Prime Minister's Fellow (Partner Company: Nucleus Software, India. Mentor: Praveen Jain]
  • Khushboo Chitre (Co-adviser: Dr. Piyus Kedia (IIIT-Delhi))

    Master's Students

    Undergraduate Research Students

  • Shuktika Jain
  • Sonia Dalal
  • Vedanshi Kataria
  • Garvita Allabadi
  • Sumit Keswani
  • Ayush Goel
  • Sukrit Kalra
  • Mayank Vachher
  • Udayan Tandon
  • Chaitanya Kumar
  • Gurshabad Grover
  • Shivam Thukral

    Graduated Ph.D. Students

  • Venkatesh Vinayakarao [Prime Minister's Fellow (Partner Company: Microsoft Research, India. Mentor: Dr. Aditya Nori)]

    Graduated MTech Students

  • Aniya Aggarwal (Currently at IBM IRL, Delhi)
  • Aritra Dhar (Joining ETH, Zurich for his PhD)
  • Samit Anwer (Currently at Citrix, Bangalore)
  • Ambreen Bashir (Currently at NIT, Srinagar)
  • Rohit Mehra (Collaboration with Dr. Vinayak Naik (IIITD)) (Currently at Accenture Labs, Bangalore)
  • Yogesh Kumari (Co-advised with Dr. Aditya Kanade, IISc., Bangalore)
  • Sangeeth K. (Co-advised with Dr. Geoffrey Nelissen and Dr. David Pereira, University of Porto, Portugal)


    Please refer to PAG for the updated list.

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