Anil Sharma
PhD Scholar, IIIT-Delhi


I am a second year PhD student at IIIT-Delhi. I am supervised by Dr. Sanjit Krishnan Kaul and Dr. Saket Anand. My research interest span ADAS, Cooperative Perception, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

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Ongoing Projects

Swarath: autonomous vehicle of IIITD
(Details coming soon)

Improved Long Range Perception in Dynamic and Uncertain Environment
Team: Anil Sharma, Sanjit Kaul, Saket Anand.
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Team: Anil Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, Siddarth Goyal, Sanjit Kaul.
Sample audios are available here.
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Completed Projects

Smartphone Audio based Distress Detection

Anil Sharma, Sarthak Ahuja, Mayank Gautam, Sanjit Kaul

In this project, we propose a novel two-stage supervised learning based method for monitoring signs of distress by leveraging the microphone of a smartphone. It is motivated by the possibility of 24x7 monitoring of a human about his daily routing using a smartphone. We investigate the signs of distress (screaming and crying sounds) in urban environment and it was evaluated over hundred hours of audio data recorded by 10 volunteers as they went about their daily routine. Interested users can refer to our paper "Two-Stage Supervised Learning-Based Method to Detect Screams and Cries in Urban Environments" for more details.

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BlindAssist: Nearby Building Information Advisory

Alvika Gautam, Anil Sharma, Lokender Tiwari, Chetan Arora

BlindAssist provides assistance to a blind person in finding a multi-storey building using a video captured from his smartphone. The video captured from the mobile phone is processed using sophisticated computer vision algorithm to detect number of floors in a building, if available in the video frames. The system then reports the distance of the building from the user. Interested users can refer to the report for more details.


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Vehicle theft warning and tracking system

Anil Sharma, Samit Anwer, Vinayak Naik

Worrying about vehicle theft? No problem, this app may allow you to track your vehicle. Unlike other conventional systems, the owner (you) doesn't have to reload a webpage to keep track of the vehicle's location rather the system deployed in the vehicle will notify when its owner is not in proximity. The proximity is checked using GPS location of the car and its owner. If the vehicle is found to be outside the proxity region then the system inside vehicle will send a cellular message to the owner asking to confirm a theft, if the owner confirms theft then vehicle will continuously update its location to a server which can also be portrayed in the owner's android app. Currently we have smartphone app for both owner and vehicle.

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keepQuiet: Noise level warning using temporal thresholding for shared space

Sarthak Ahuja, Anil Sharma

Frustrated from annoying labmates? If the answer is yes then this project may help you notify them and to automatically ask to keep quiet. Problem solved :), isn't?. Well this is a smartphone app that detects the noise level inside a room or say inside your lab. The novelity is not the detection rather selection of threshold for raising a notification, the threshold is a function of both sound intensity and time duration. This could benefit people who want to respect all in a shared space.

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  • Anil Sharma, Sanjit Kaul, "Two-Stage Supervised Learning-Based Method to Detect Screams and Cries in Urban Environments" accepted for publication in IEEE/ACM transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2015 (IEEE).

Awards & Achievements

  • First prize in Elevator Pitch at Research Showcase 2015, IIIT-Delhi .

Presentations, Lectures & Talks

  • [PPT] Tutorial on basics of Probability and Statistics, IIIT-Delhi .
  • [PPT] Unsupervised Classification: lecture in Machine Learning course in Summer 2014 , IIIT-Delhi .
  • Instructor in summer refresher module on Introduction to C, Summer 2014. , IIIT-Delhi .

Databases, Codes & Tutorials

Other Useful Information:

Development Tools :

  • Speech Processing: Praat, NSL
  • Computer Vision: OpenCV (Android & C++), VLFeat
  • Matlab (expert), Android

Online presentation:

  • TBA