Saket Anand
Asst. Professor
A-510, New Academic Block
Tel:+91-11-2690 7425

Current Students

PhD Students

Research Associates

  • Gullal Singh Cheema
  • Rupali Bhati
  • Mohammad Nayeem

M.Tech. Students (Thesis)

B.Tech. Students (Thesis)

  • Divyanshu Talwar
  • Sarthak Bhagat and Shagun Uppal
  • Palash Aggrawal
  • Anish Madan
  • Aravinda Kumaran
  • Raghav Jain
  • Dhruva Sahrawat (co-supervised by Dr. Sanjit Kaul)
  • Pulkit Goel (co-supervised by Dr. Alexander Fell)
  • Pranav Nambiar (co-supervised by Dr. Chetan Arora)
  • Gargi Gupta and Tushita Rathore (co-supervised by Dr. Gaurav Arora)

Prospective Students

I am presently looking for one highly motivated Ph.D. student (and multiple BTP/MTP students) to work in each of the following areas:

  • Visual Analytics for Wildlife Monitoring
  • The goal of this project is to identify the species and/or individual in an image. This project is in collaboration with Wildlife Institute of India, and we work with camera trap images obtained from the field. We plan to apply techniques from robust statistics and machine learning to ensure reliable detection and identification of animals in cluttered backgounds. The ideal candidate should have very strong programming skills and a knack for probabilistic/statistical methods.

  • Vision based Perception for Road Safety
  • The following problems are of interest to this project

    • Road Surface Segmentation
    • Traffic Light Detection and Tracking
    • Road Sign Detection and Classification
    • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking
    • Accident/Near-Miss Detection and Prediction

    The objective is to develop robust algorithms for the aforementioned problems, which can run in near-real time. We plan to solve these problems using Deep Learning tools and are looking for strong B.Tech. and M.Tech. students who are familiar with deep learning tools like Caffe/TensorFlow/Torch/Theano. If you have excellent programming skills and are excited about computer vision and machine learning, and you are interested in a longer-term association, please send me your CV and availability details in an email to me with the Subject Line:"[2018-Driverless Car Project]".

Past Students

  • Ananya Harsh Jha RA (Jan. 2017 - Aug. 2018, now pursuing M.S. at NYU)
  • Aditay Tripathi (co-supervised by Dr. Aanchan Mohan) (M.Tech. Thesis, Summer 2017; now pursuing PhD at IISc.)
  • Poojan Oza (M.Tech. Scholarly Paper; now PhD scholar at Johns Hopkins, working with Dr. Vishal Patel)
  • Sarthak Ahuja (B.Tech. Project, 2016, co-advised by Dr. Chetan Arora; now pursuing M.S. at CMU)
  • Gullal Singh Cheema (M.Tech. Thesis, Summer 2016)
  • Shreya Tripathi (M.Tech. Thesis, Summer 2016)