Introduction to Programming (CSE-101)

Instructor: Vikram Goyal

Office hours: Friday 9:00AM-10:00AM

Credits: 4
Pre-requisites: None
Post Condition (on student capability after successfully completing the course):

  • Be able to use procedural statements -- assignments, conditional statements, loops, method calls -- and arrays.
  • Be able to design, code, and test small Python programs that meet requirements expressed in English.
  • Be able to use concepts of object-oriented programming: classes, sub-classes, properties, inheritance.
  • Have knowledge of basic searching and sorting algorithms.
  • Brief Description. Introduction to Programming is the first programming course in the college curriculum, and aims to bridge the gap between students who have prior coding experience and those who have none. The main goal of this course is to prepare students to understand basic algorithms and data structures, write organized code, and to gain practical experience with debugging, compiling and running programs. Python is used to introduce imperative programming, data structures, and simple algorithms such as searching and sorting; we also introduce some basic functional programming (map, list comprehensions) and the rudiments of Object-Oriented programming (classes and objects). At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to work independently in order to develop simple programs of up to several hundred lines, either from scratch or making use of standard libraries, to solve simple algorithmic problems as found in most coding competitions. They should be prepared well for courses in Data structure and algorithms as well as Advanced programming course. Please check this page for changes.
    Practical assignment: 30% Lab assignments (best n-2 to be considered), HWs (best n-1 to be considered) (15+15)
    Lab exams: 20% Midterm and Endterm (10+10)
    Midterm theory exam: 15%
    Endterm theory exam: 20%
    Quizzes: 15% (best n-2 to be considered)
    Texts/Other Resources:
    The main text book for the course is:
    Core Python Programming: Wesley J. Chun, Prentice Hall, 2006 (2nd Ed.)
    Introduction to computation and programming using python: Guttag John, PHI Learning.

    Novemeber 2, 2017