Prospective Students

  • PhD

    I am currently seeking highly motivated PhD students interested in pursuing research in Applied Electromagnetics such as Radar, Antenna design etc. Candidates must have a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering / Applied Physics. Knowledge of MATLAB/numerical techniques will be preferred. Hands-on experience with electrical instruments such as network analyzer / spectrum analyzer/oscilloscopes etc will also be a bonus. Candidates must have demonstrated satisfactory oral and written communication skills.
  • /

    Students of good academic standing (within top 5% of their Institute) seeking summer internships or guidance for thesis / projects focused on electromagnetic sensor design are encouraged to apply. Prospective students must be willing to spend 3 complete months at the least in Delhi.

Summer interns and Research Associates

  • Those interested in pursuing short-term research collaborative opportunities lasting for few months upto a year are encouraged to apply for summer internships or research associate positions.

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Last updated 11/03/2013