Research Areas

  1. Portable Radar for through-wall human surveillance

    Law enforcement, security and surveillance operations and search and rescue missions occur in different paradigms such as urban areas, in forests, during night, and in severe weather conditions. In these scenarios, reliable real time situational awareness assumes great importance for the enforcement personnel. Over the last decade, both Ultrawideband (UWB) and Doppler based radar techniques have been researched and developed for detecting humans in non-line-of-sight environments. However these sensors are usually of high power and are large and cumbersome and not truly portable.
    My research focuses on finding potential solutions to make truly lightweight and portable radars for sensing humans in non line-of-sight environments.

  2. Electromagnetic sensors for ground water estimation

    With increased urbanization, there is increased reliance on ground water resources to meet water requirements. Over the decades, time and frequency domain electromagnetic techniques have been developed to estimate the resistivity of the earth for different applications such as hydrocarbon exploration, buried metal pipe detection and ground water estimation. The focus of my research is to explore cheap, small-size, transient and continuous wave electromagnetic sensor designs for accurately determining the depth of ground water tables.

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Last updated 11/03/2013