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Technologies Deployed

181 Women in Distress Helpline

In December 2012, the Government of Delhi announced a helpline for women in distress. Since July, 2013, we have taken over the technical side of the helpline which is now running on our developed software. The helpline remains open 24/7 and receives around 2000 calls per day which are handled by 4-6 call excutive throughout the day. All the data received through the calls is stored for follow-up.

Adaptive IVR System

We are currently working with several organizations for deployment of Adaptive IVR Systems. Just recerently, we have deployed Adaptive IVR in different districts of Andhra Pradesh, India for supporting National Rural Emplyment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in collaboration with the Program for Liberation Technology by Stanford University. Our future deployments will take place in Maharastra and Bihar. Current deployments serve the information needs of people seeking information about the NREGS.


The work in iBICOOP at ARLES research group at INRIA-Rocquencourt forms core of a new startup – Ambientic – by the same group.

Awarded for two consecutive years the prestigious prize (and associated funding) of the National Competition of Technology Innovative Start-up Projects in the categories of Best Emerging Projects (2009) and Best Starting Projects (2010).


Developed a CVDMagic application for early detection of Cardio-Vascular Disease based on previously proposed studies using non-laboratory based tests. The application was developed within the Sana Framework (developed by Sana group at MIT, USA) and deployed in rural areas of Punjab with Electronic Health Point (EHP) who are setting up rural clinics in that state. The healthcare worker from EHP collected data for about 190 people using the application. (Lead Developer - Sangeeta, now faculty at JayPee Institute of Technology)


Summer internship work of students - Disha - to provide route information using public transport in Delhi was transferred to Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System (DIMTS) Ltd. The application is currently hosted and maintained by DIMTS at


Summer internship work of students - RightFare - to provide correct auto-rickshaw fare via sms was taken up by our industrial collaborator, a startup called Ideophone (The  name by Ideophone is changed to Autofare) has now further extended the service with some additional features including support for multiple cities.
Details about our project are available at   RightFare has won the judges' choice award in app2fame contest 2011.