I am a PhD student at IIIT Delhi, India, working under the guidance of Dr. Pushpendra Singh. My research interest lies in building mobile based learning solutions for under-served populations which are low-cost, inclusive and locally relevant. The underlying motivation behind the system design is to achieve "more from less" to have larger impact. My research work falls into Information and Communication Technoligies for Development (ICT4D) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and involves collaborative work with the experts of domain such as healthcare, education and social science.

Research Projects

The project Sangoshthi is targeted towards building a low cost technology enabled solution for empowering a key functionary of the Health system of India known as ASHA (Accredit social Health Activists) with knowledge. ASHA is a trained village women accredited with the responsibility of community mobilization towards local health planning and access of health services focusing particularly on the women and children health. ASHA programme is now a cornerstone strategy of National Rural Health mission by reaching a scale of 9 lakhs. However, sub-optimal knowledge and skills of ASHA is one of the most important factors impeding the realization of the true potential of this programme. Sanghosti addresses the challenge by providing a mobile based training and learning platform to host distance learning environment for the ASHAs