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31 St Lukes #7 (current apt)
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Austin Trip
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Berkeley MuirWoods
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Big Apple
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California Boston flight
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cambridge music festival
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Freedom Trail
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July 4th(2009)
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Me Myself and Him
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Niagara Falls
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office to apartment
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Snowy Mass
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Sharing some of the pictures from my collection with the world wide junta. It is not hard to guess that there are more, many more, on computer storage. I specifically dislike storing my pictures on some separate website (often due to their sneaky terms and conditions but sometimes to retain control). An email is required if you want to use any picture for commercial purpose - most likely I will just say yes and proudly ask my kith to visit your webpage. Attribution is necessary in all cases... I do not want anyone else to take blames for a poorly composed shot.
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