Work Experience

GMD-IPSI: I was a summer intern during the summer of 2001 at GMD-IPSI (later merged with Fraunhofer IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. There I worked for the OASYS group on the project Teachware on Demand. Teachware on Demand tries to solve the courseware management problem where courses are taken by students, written by authors and tagged by editors. The system allows each group to work independently and allows efficient tagging to create courses from smaller concepts. I was responsible for developing the intermediate web architecture using SOAP. I also did some theoretical work on integrating LOM (Learning Object Metadata) and MPEGĀ­7 to allow tagging of courses in video formats.

Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.: I worked for 5 months in 2002 after graduation from IIT Kanpur at Adobe's India R&D center in Noida, India. I was responsible for reverse engineering and parsing Microsoft office file formats to be read by Adobe applications. I really liked the work there; also, we moved to a new building when I was there which was very nice.

VMWare, Inc.: I was a summer intern during the summer of 2006 at VMWare's R&D center at Palo Alto, USA. I designed the API and implemented the required infrastructure to allow (python and other) scripts to be submitted, managed and run on virtual machines using Virtual Center. It was a wonderful experience to work at a company which was growing extremely rapidly at that time.