I formally got involved in teaching as Teaching Fellow for various courses at Boston University since 2003. I enjoy teaching both introductory and and advanced courses. Introductory classes require a lot of patience and I enjoy the challenge of explaining completely new concepts to students. On the other hand in the advanced classes I am mostly acting as a tutor helping the students who get stuck. Students and professors like me alike for my services. I was awarded the best TF award in the Computer Science department in 2007 by the College of Arts and Science (CAS), Boston University.

I was a TF for these courses (more than once for most of them):

Student feeback from course CS235 for Spring 2009 is here (pdf).

Student feeback from course CS330 for Fall 2008 (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 denotes best) is below. The scanned comments are here (pdf).