Peers during my Journey
1990-1998 was spent at the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur, West Bengal, India. It suffices to stay most of what I am today had its beginning there. Over 8 long years (age 10 to 18), I was part of a large family. Here is a picture of the class 8 batch from one of the hostels, Shivananda Bhavana. (Click on the image for a larger size).
1998-2002 was spent at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India. A B.Tech. degree at IIT, Kanpur is coveted no doubt, but what made the 4 year special was the company of extremely talented peers. Click on the image for the special BTech98 page.
A group of us at IIT-K who would hang out together, and we were in close contact even after we graduated. We fondly called ourselves the Core Group.
With Utkarsh Hriday Srivastava @Campus Restaurant, IITK. Let us see what Mr Crackhead thinks of me "Dbera's brain is a masterpiece, it is divided so cleanly into two parts such that The left part has nothing right in it and the right part has nothing left in it.". I used to call him DR1 (a pun on his IIT-K position but actually to be read as "de-ar one").
With Saikat Guha @his room in Hall 1.
A few other very good people should be on this list but I have not yet found any joint picture of the old days. Dear friends, don't feel left out. Picture or no picture, mention or no mention, friendship is forever. I miss you pals.