mBackup lets you back up your mobile data in easy and simple steps. You can backup your Contacts, SMS, etc from your phone to Dropbox and easily restore the data to a new mobile device. You can also view and edit your contacts on mBackup web application.

The data is stored securely in your private folder and is tied to your account so you won’t lose the data even if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

None of your personal data and/or Personally Identifiable Information is stored on our server but only the backed up data is stored in your private Dropbox folder. You have full control of your data, and you can opt-out whenever you wish.

Why do you need to backup mobile data?

  • Prevention against data loss in case your Phone is lost

  • Move data from old phone to new phone easily

  • Perform phone reset without worrying about data

  • Syncing more than one device

mBackup is built by students at IIIT-Delhi under the supervision of Dr. Amarjeet Singh. The idea was first worked upon by Atul Goyal (Computer Science Graduate, 2012, IIIT Delhi) as part of his B.Tech. project under the entrepreneurship category. As a final outcome, an Android app was developed that could backup contacts and SMS into a dropbox account. There on, three students - Kunal Mehta, Lokesh Garg and Shreyasi Agrawal (class of 2014, Computer Science, IIIT Delhi) worked in Summer 2012 under guidance of Atul Goyal and Amarjeet Singh. They extended the Android app to support transfer of contacts and SMS over bluetooth, developed a Symbian app and a web interface to edit the backed up contacts and SMS.

Thanks to MUC group at IIIT-D for providing support (including resources) to help us working on the project.

For Feedback/Comments/Suggestions please write to mbackup at atulgoyal dot com.

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