Amarjeet SinghMobile and Ubiquitous Computing Group, CSE, IIIT Delhi

Joint Appt., Emerging Systems and Architecture Group, ECE, IIIT Delhi

Ph.D., Electrical Engg., 2009; M.S. Electrical Engg., 2007

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

B.Tech., Electrical Engg., 2002, IIT Delhi

CV (Updated January 2014)


Honors and Awards

  • Invited to be a member of HISP India Governing Council (2013)
  • IBM Faculty Award, 2011 (One of the three faculty awarded in India)
  • D.N. Chorofas Foundation Award 2009 for applied research with long-range implications
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA, 2008
  • Edward K. Rice Outstanding MS student award, UCLA Engineering, 2007
  • Rajendra Kumari Malhotra Award for Responsible Student Leadership, IIT Delhi, 2002

Recent Service Contributions: TPC Member ACM eEnergy 2014, XRCI Open 2014, Buildsys 2013; Reviewer IEEE Journal for Internet Computing, IISc Journal for CPS, CAMTech Innovation Awards 2013

Research Interests

My current focus is on sensing and mobile computing with applications in critical domains such as healthcare and building utility (energy/water) management. I am particularly interested in systems that support effective data collection and modeling/analytics (thereof) specifically for such application domains.

During my MS and PhD, I worked with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of experts in robotics, statistics, machine learning, ecology and biology for critical applications in environmental sensing including water quality monitoring and energy, water flow and traffic accounting. I was involved in several field campaign wherein we deployed sensors for each of these applications and performed multiple real world studies developing new hypothesis as well as validating some of the older ones.

As part of mobile computing group at IIIT-Delhi, I am also involved in other allied areas such as adaptive IVR. For more details, refer to our group page.

Open Positions

UG Researchers: We are open to students from other institutes who want to engage in cutting-edge research in our group. You should be amongst the top 5-10 in your institute and should be willing to commit for a long term (at least 1 summer internship and at least 1 semester long official project) to stand any chance to be selected.

Research Associate: If you graduated from one of the top colleges in India; are bored with the mundane work in your job and/or would like to build up a CV for applying abroad for higher studies, being an RA in our research group will help. You should be committed to spending 1-2 years with us for applying for this position. It will be a full time position for which the compensation will be decided based on your skills. One RA in the past has been admitted (with scholarship) for PhD at University of Southern California (Fall 2013).

PhD students: If you are/were amongst the top in your institute and have a mindset where you like to be challenged, are willing to work hard and would like to contribute your bit to the critical problems facing our generation today, PhD in our group will be the right thing to explore.